Hey Y'all! My name is Stephanie and I wanted to introduce myself so you know exactly who you are shopping from. I am the owner of Piglet and Company, and I am "mama piglet"! Hence why "Piglet and Company"? It's very simple actually, my husband and I had a tendency to call each other "piglet" as a word of endearment for many years, and of course when our little boy was born he became "lil piglet". As I struggled to come up with the perfect name for my boutique, I one day had a strong feeling, of course a whisper from God, and "Piglet and Company" filled my heart with joy and that's the story for the name. My life is centered with my family and everything God so I knew the name was perfect! I am a working mama, 24/7 mom to our amazing boy, a wife to my wonderful husband of many many years, and a part time nurse. How do I find the time? By the grace of God of course, and since I have so much extra time, (a little bit of humor) I finally decided to pursue my dream! For at least 2 years now I felt like a seed was planted in my heart to open a boutique, but of course, life happens and I let all sense of fear and "what ifs" stop me in my tracks and prevent me in pursing my dream. I would wish for my boutique until one day I decided that life is too short to let fear run my life, and if God placed this seed in me then he would see me through this dream of mine. I want my lil piglet to know that anything is possible by the grace of God, and to always pursue your dreams!  I am a girly girl and like any girly girl I love to shop and I love to see the confidence shine through when that perfect outfit comes together. When I am shopping for my boutique I would definitely wear and rock every single item that I put up so I really hope you find what you are looking for!

Again, thank you for visiting my boutique and have a blessed day, month, year and life!